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Abruzzi Mountain

International Equine Science Meeting

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Friday, Oct 3, 2008
Registration starts at 10:00
13:15-13:30welcome by Mayor of Regensburg and Prof. Dr. Alf Zimmer Rector of the University Regensburg
Klingel, H . Social Organisation of the EquidsAbstractAbstract
14:30-15:15contributed talks: Feral and wild horses
Ransom, J. I. Influences of immunocontraception on intraband social behavior in free-ranging feral horses, Equus caballusAbstractAbstract
Kaczensky, P. Przewalski`s horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) and Asiatic wild asses (Equus hemionus): Similar Species, Same Habitat - Same Use?AbstractAbstract
Hopkins, H. The Assategue of the West Project: An introduction to a 5-year logitudinal study of Immunocontraceptive use on America's Wild HorsesAbstractAbstract
15:15-15:45coffee break
Walzer, C. Przewalski Horses, Satellites and Wild AssesAbstractAbstract
16:45-17:45contributed talks: Equitation Science
van Dierendonck, M. International Society of Equitation Science - an outlineAbstractAbstract
von Borstel, U. An overview of educational offerings in equine science and -management in CanadaAbstractAbstract
Gauly, M. An overview of the MSc-program in equine science at the University of GöttingenAbstractAbstract
Aurich, J. Equine Science and Management Programme in ViennaAbstractAbstract
17:45-19:15discussion groups (parallel)
Feral and Wild Horses
Study course Equitation Sience
19:15General assembly and Poster Session

Saturday, Oct 4, 2008
08:00-09:45contributed talks: Cognition
Baragli, P. Cognitive Tests in Equids (Equus caballus and Equus Asinus)AbstractAbstract
Krueger, K. Social cognition and social learning in horsesAbstractAbstract
Hothersall, B. Preliminary studies on visuo-spatial cue use in horsesAbstractAbstract
Timney, B. Photopic Spectral Sensitivity and Wavelength Discrimination in the Horse (Equus caballus)AbstractAbstract
Proops, L Cross-modal individual vocal recognition in the domestic horseAbstractAbstract
Kharazyan, F. The response of horses to predator stimuli.AbstractAbstract
Ahmadinejad, M. Influence of Sex and Age on Color discrimination in caspian PonyAbstractAbstract
09:45-10:15coffee break
10:15-11:30contributed talks: Cognition and Human-Horse-Relationships
Cozzi, A Delayed search for non-social goals by Equids (Equus caballus and Equus asinus)AbstractAbstract
Bartosova, J. Comprehension of human pointing gesture in domestic horses: Effect of training methodAbstractAbstract
Maros, K. Possible indicators of the human-horse relationship among adult horsesAbstractAbstract
Stupperich, A. Interaction with horses (equus): Assessment with a circumplex based questionnaireAbstractAbstract
Hazard, H. Horses: Companions for LifeAbstractAbstract
Houpt, K.A. Maternal behavior in horsesAbstractAbstract
Cregier, S. The Welfare of Horses During TransportAbstractAbstract
15:00-16:00contributed talks: Animal Welfare 1
Wehnert, C. Heart rate and cortisol release in horses during road transportAbstractAbstract
De Pasquale, A The influence of the enriched environment on the reactivity of the precociously handled foals (Equus caballus L.).AbstractAbstract
Kuhne, F. A new, non-invasive method to assess specific strain in horsesAbstractAbstract
Wöhr, A.C. Polysonographic studies, about sleeping behaviour of horsesAbstractAbstract
16:00-16:30coffee break
16:30-17:30contributed talks: Animal Welfare 2
Nagy, K. Is modified Forssell"s operation superior to cribbing collar in preventing crib-biting in horses?AbstractAbstract
Streit, S. Automatic feeding systems versus feeding stalls for horses kept in groups: visiting frequency, stress situations and risk of injuryAbstractAbstract
Schmidt, A. Changes in heart rate and cortisol release during initial training of three-year-old warmblood sport horse stallionsAbstractAbstract
Wulf, M. Behavioural patterns of pony foals after simultaneous and consecutive weaningAbstractAbstract
17:30-19:00Discussion Group Cognition

Sunday, Oct 5, 2008
Hausberger, M Temperament and Personality in Horses: An OverwievAbstractAbstract
09:30-10:45contributed talks: Sociality, Personality
Baumgartner, M. Influence of the recipient mare on character traits of adult offspring in a Warmblood embryo transfer program - preliminary resultsAbstractAbstract
Jørgensen, G. H.M. Social interactions and spacing in horses (Equus caballus) grouped according to genderAbstractAbstract
Sigurjónsdóttir, H Social structure and interactions within groups of horses containing a stallionAbstractAbstract
Søndergaard, E. Timeframe for a novel horse to become familiar in a groupAbstractAbstract
Komárková, M. Factors affecting suckling behaviour in loose housed domestic horsesAbstractAbstract
10:45-11:15coffee break
McDonnell, S.M. Human-horse interactions: Where are the behaviorists in 2008?AbstractAbstract
12:15-13:15Round Table Discussion
15:00guided tour through Regensburg

abstracts poster session
Cravana, C. Effect of Short-Distance Road Transport on Thyroid Function, Rectal Temperature, Body Weight and Heart Rate of StallionsAbstractAbstract
Flauger, B. Ecology and evolution of equine cognitive abilitiesAbstractAbstract
Lojek, J. Day-Time Budgets of Konik Polski Horses (Equus caballus) Maintained in two Housing SystemsAbstractAbstract
Innella, G. The influence of management on horse behavioural reactivity in therapeutic riding programs.AbstractAbstract
Proops, L. Horse-human interactions: Attention attribution and the use of human cues by domestic horses (Equus caballus).AbstractAbstract
Takimoto, A. Are horses (Equus caballus) sensitive to human attentional states?AbstractAbstract
Toewe,B. Effect of an omeprazole (GastroGard) treatment on cribbiting in horses suffering from gastric ulcerationAbstractAbstract
Visser, E. K. Effect of training method on response of horses to a human approach testAbstractAbstract
Zeitler-Feicht, M. H. Investigation on standing stalls for horses with regard to animal welfareAbstractAbstract