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2nd International Equine Science Meeting

March 16th-19th 2012


Conference Organizer: Prof Dr. Konstanze Krüger, University of Regensburg/University of Applied Science Nuertingen
Assistant Organizers: Prof. Dr. David Pick, Purdue University Calumet, USA
  Dr. Waltraut Zimmermann, Zoo Cologne, Germany
  Dr. Birgit Flauger, University of Hohenheim, Germany
  Knut Krüger, web master


Target group: Biologists, Psychologists, Veterinarians and Professionals


The IESM is an international, interdisciplinary conference for Equine scientists. The conference aims to advance the dialogue between scientists in the field of Psychology, Biology, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine. All sessions are accompanied by round table discussions.

Contributions on fundamental research in the area of Equine Cognition and Ecology are particularly welcome. This year’s conference will have a special session on Equine Husbandry and Management. With this session we aim to present a broad overview of the research and its practical implementations, firstly in domestic horse husbandry and nutrition, and secondly in wild life management and the horses in renaturation projects.

Furthermore, a public day will demonstrate fascinating aspects of fundamental research as well as applied Equine sciences to a broad, public audience. German speaking scientists are invited to give an extra 15 minute talk on their general findings.

Conference Language: English - from Friday to Sunday noon
Public Day: German - only Sunday afternoon

Discussion: Round table discussions at the end of each session 
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